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Hi everyone! Great forum...

I have a family of 5 and we are going to trade in
our minivan for an SUV, and we are doing the typical Suburban, Sequoia, Armada comparision thing... The Armada appears to be the clear winner, but I am concerned about reliability. If you research the discussion boards for each vehicle, you'll find unhappy folks, happy folks, and lemon law stories abound with each vehicle. So it is hard to draw any clear conclusions.

Personnally, I think it inappropriate to discount an entire brand /
vehicle because someone got a lemon. Unfortunately, every manufacturer turns out a lemon, some more frequently than others, but this is why we do have lemon laws. The totally empirical evidence of just reading many discussion boards gives me a good feeling that Nissan will at least work with their customers and will buy back bad cars.

So where we are at, the Armada (off road) is by far the best for us on paper.

1) Best air bag coverage for passengers
2) versatile interior
3) best ground clearance
4) good engine

The negatives appear to be (from these forum discussions & a test drive...)

1) Interior plastic scratches easily, which actually bothers me more
than it maybe should.... It seems if you are going to pay a premium
price (40K+) for a vehicle, then you should expect premium materials. (Toyota probably is better here). Can anyone give me an idea of how bad the scratching really is?

2) You need external cargo carrier if you load up the vehicle with 7-8 passengers. (again Sequoia, Suburban are better here). In fact can folks put in a weeks worth of groceries with the back seats up?

3) If you have the 8 passenger version, routinely getting to the back
seat is not nearly as convenient as a van. However, this is common
across all SUVs with a middle bench seat.

4) I'm a bicycle racer, so getting a bike inside is also important. Has anyone had any experience with the internal bike carrier?

Thanks in advance!
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