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Trying to decide btwn QX and Armada

Read quite a few of the posts here and it's refreshing to read the positive comments on the Armada. I've had a Jeep GC w/Hemi for a year, and it's been fun but it's not cutting it when we take a trip and bring the dog along (Irish Wolfhound). Time to go back to a full size SUV. I really like the looks of the Armada and really don't like the front of the QX, or what the Q says when I pull onto a jobsite. But my Jeep (and before that a Lexus RX330) have some nice touches (heated seats - even though I'm not in Buffalo anymore, bluetooth phone, zenon headlights on the Lexus, quiet ride) that I would like to keep, especially if I have to keep this beast for 5 years (business tax credit). When you ask an Armada salesman about bluetooth they look at you like you have an earring. It's not so much the money either because Dec 31 is coming up and every large SUV (except the Lexus) is going dirt cheap.

Have you really found the ride of the Armada to compare to the Q, especially for quietness?

Appreciate the feedback.
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