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Pulls to right? anyone else?

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My husband - after reading with me thinks ours isn't brakes but we have a problem! I wanted the rig! Loved the body style! And the interior is so terrifically roomy for our large family.

So we bought a 05 Armada in Jan. and the 2nd day I told my husband we needed to take it back for a front end alignment because it was pulling so hard to the right. Took it back the 2nd wk. of ownership and they kept it over night (after they gave me a filthy old car to drive) saying it was low on air in the tire by 2 lbs. Yeah right! So another couple months and my husband says - we need to take this back in- as he kept getting pulled to the right. ( Remember - this is my rig and I drive it the most!) So that time he left it - had them bring him back out to work - and it was there a day - and the diagnosis - they drove it and couldn't make it do what we described. This third time - he drove it w/ a technician - both took turns driving it and it started to do the pull but didn't do what it does for us when the techy isn't in the car - so he brought it back home. Later that afternoon the service manager called saying we could pick up our rig - that it was done and that all Armadas pull that way and that it's just the way it is - esp. on road crowns! My husband then told him - they didn't have our rig and that there is a problem and w/ him owning many new cars and currently a 05 Dodge Ram -driving the same roads I do - that this wasn't a problem to keep and they'd need to do something about it. As it stands this week - the owner of our dealership is gone fishing but will be back Thurs. and is going to take it himself and see what the pull is like by driving it until it does it. (I just hope I get his demo in exchange and not a pile for the pmts. we make ea. month!!)

Then dirty brake dust on the wheels is hideous and scrubbing w/ Comet only makes it look nice for a couple days.

It's terribly frustrating! We could travel to another dealership - quite a pain - 40 mins. away and see if they'd be better if this owner doesn't try to make it right. Paying $42,000 for a loaded new vehicle (it now has 4000 miles) makes me want to do the Lemon Law after reading many of your posts. I know this is an "I love my Armada" site - but between my husband procrastinating on getting this fixed, reading the posts on here and other sites about the brakes,etc., - I think I'll never be excited about it! So any helpful hints to deal w/ the pull to the right? (it's done it do the left too but not as severe or continual.)
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Comet, ouch, :eek: your scratching the finish on your wheels. Once you have the updated brakes installed the dust is noted to diminish greatly, or you can upgrade to some aftermarket pads. Don't know what to say about pulling. Is it doing it when you apply the brakes? or just driving?
markandjenn said:
I too have complained that my Armada pulls to the right since the first week I bought it in March. It doesn't pull much, but if take your hands off the wheel, it will pull slightly in a few seconds. My dealer looked at it twice and said that it is because of "road crown" and the "torque of the engine" and all vehicles pull to the right a little.

On the brake issue, I noticed that my steering wheel shutters slightly back and forth when I apply the brakes. The truck does not pull in either direction on braking, though. I was assuming that this was normal and due to the anti-lock brakes opening and closing quickly. Is this what everyone is complaining about as "the brake problem" and that I should bring it to the dealer for new brakes?
Just wait, it will become obvious beyond a doubt things aint normal..
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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