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2020 Armada SL 2wd 64,000 miles
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I have a 2020 Armada SL with 64k miles on it. I just got it recently and have come to the conclusion that the shocks are worn. I don't get a lot of bounce, but they do not keep the wheels on the ground very well with small bumps like washboard. The front end will move on me and it gives a very uncontrolled feeling.

I began searching for what shocks to install and it seems that it was pretty much OEM or these Monroe replacements. I really was not sure what to expect with these and wanted to go OEM but the cost is just too darn high. I was seeing around $250 each or so online and I even reached out to the dealer and complained that a certified pre-owned Nissan having just been sold and gone through their wiz bang super duper 167 point inspection should not have worn out shocks. Hoping they would give me a massive discount. Well didn't give me much of anything. Quoted me $210 each for them. I saw a few different numbers and some came with a spring, but none assembled like a quick strut.

Given that the Monroe were about $75 each, I have decided to purchase a set and give them a go. I normally buy from Amazon if the price is good, but they only had one in stock.

So I ended up buying them for the same price of $74.15 each from Walmart. Robot or human?

My total was $148.30 which is massively better than spending $450-550!

RockAuto was a better price even with the extra shipping but I had already purchased from Wally world. More Information for MONROE 73048

Ultimately this is just the shock so I will have to contend with the spring.

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The three options are to remove the entire assembly and take it in to a shop with a compressor and pay extra to have them swap it for you. Then re-install the assembly. Or use spring compressors yourself and for larger springs like these, I just dont feel comfortable doing this. The last option and how I have done the same on my Sierra, is to use the truck weight to separate the spring from the upper components and then to reinstall. This is done by putting the jack under the lower control arm and lifting a bit to load it, then remove the center nut and slowly drop the control arm and the whole thing comes apart. Then reverse to re-assemble.

I will report back with some pictures of the swap and then my impression of the ride with these on. They are due to arrive on the 8th and I hope to swap them over the next day.

Shocks arrived. I should be able to swap them out on Wed this week. If the weather holds. I also have new pads and rotors to install at the same time.

I am a little nervous about these. I am used to them pushing out more least that is how my truck strut shocks work. The springs will hold them out once assembled and the real work is to dampen motion in either I will check the OEM ones when I pull them off to compare.

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I also decided to pick up these spring compressors. I used to have the old cheapo looking kind and they were pretty bad for use on my truck springs. Probably would work on the Armada but I sold them a few years ago. These style are much nicer and I wanted to have them on hand in case the re-assembly on the vehicle method does not work out.
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