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Quality Floormats at an Economy Price

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I've been looking for some reasonably priced floormats for winter to cover my factory carpeted mats. I wanted the 2nd and 3rd row to be one piece mats. So far they have all been two piece like the Nissan mats. The Nissan mats are of very good quality, but lacking in coverage. I was close to breaking down and paying Nissan's price until yesterday.

I just happened to be at Sam's Club and found the perfect (at least for me) floormat set in the auto section. The set is made by Kraco. They look like a WeatherTec floormat. The have deep groves are heavy and are very high quality The set consists of 2 front mats and one long utility mat I intended to use in the second row.

The passengers mat fit perfectly. The drivers mat could be a little wider to cover the dead pedal area. I kind of put it in at an angle and it actually works very well. The single long mat would have to be trimmed to fit in the 2nd row. It fits perfectly in the 3rd row and cargo area. I left it in the 3rd row.

After looking at the second row area I decided to spend a little more money. I went back and bought a 2nd set. I took the front mats from the 2nd set and turned them sideways with the tops comming together in front of the storage console. They meet up in the middle and cover the area perfectly. They also don't interfere with our industrial/military grade 2nd row seat cupholder. A minor bit of trimming is needed on the 2nd row seat side to get them to fit perfectly. The trimmed areas will not be noticeable. I used the single long mat from this set in the back cargo area. It fits perfectly.

The best part of the deal is that the first set cost me $19.00. Better yet when I went back several days later to buy another set they had lowered the price to $17.00. I can't believe I was able to fully rubber floormat the Armada for $36.00+tax.

This is an item Sam's carries all of the time. I bought black, since I have the graphite steel leather interior. I thought black looked the best for my interior. The floormat sets also come in Grey and Tan.

I hope this info helps somebody.

Oh by the way... I also checked the floormat situation out at Costco. They have what appears to be the same brand and quality. But, the set is two front row mats and two small back seat mats that would be good for a a vehicle like a Toyota Camry.
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Thanks Brass Pass, I bought mine at Wall Mart too and the two front ones not only fit perfectly but also matched my interior. They are trimable but I did'nt have to trim them and I found a grey one that matched my grey interior. I also found a grey trimable for my second row and after trimming, they look really great. thanks for the tip. The cargo mat fell short a bit and left about one feet of strip uncovered. Still looking for something to cover my third row. These rubber mats are great to protect factory carpets from snow and mud.
Brass Pass, If they are the same ones I saw at my local Sam's, there are a nice mat at a fair price.

I went with the Nissan mats as I have 2nd Row Captains and need a two piece mat for the 2nd row. They fit just fine and work great. Overall I am 99% satisfied. What are the negatives? - Had to go with balck as there is no gray, and there is no Thrid row Mat!!! :mad:

The Black is actual a nice contrast, but my third row is offlimits in it wet conditions untill I find a nice mat for back there. Curious that Nissan doesn't offer one.
Based on your reccommendation Brass, I just bought the mats from Sams Club as well - and you're right - they're PERFECT. I read somewhere that the front mats can hold 1.5 gallons of water! I bought a second set for my work truck, and only needed the front mats for it, so I put those rear mats in my 3rd row. I have the brown interior, and the mats matched perfectly. My nice factory ARMADA mats are now cleaned and waiting patiently in the garage for spring!

Not bad for $19.87 per set!

I had a 2000 GMC Jimmy, and in the Christmas '02 snowstorm we did some carsledding with some friends (yeah, what a ride lol). Everyone getting in and out in the snow wound up leaving my floors completely saturated. In the spring, my Jimmy began to reak of mold and mildew. I tried everything and couldn't get the smell out. Probably the only way to fix it would be to remove all carpets and pads and replace them.

I wound up trading it in on a BEAUTIFUL Armada! :D
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I purchased the entire set of Husky Liners for my Armada. front seats (2 pieces), 2nd row (1 piece), 3rd row (1 piece), and rear cargo liner. It came to $280 total, but worth it. These pieces are moulded and have side walls to keep melted snow inside them. The drivers side even covers the dead pedal which I really like.
We do not have Sam's here, so off to Costco I went. I found the Kraco Mat set right away..$19, but when I got home, I found it is not the same as you guys. It only had two fronts and two small mats for 2nd row.

The gray material matches the graphite well. I will take a picture of them. I would like to see pics of the Sam's Club version. I might want to commission someone to buy one for me.

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