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Quarter Mile or Eighth Mile Times?

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Has anyone taken their Armada to the dragstrip yet? I see that our moderator has posted some number for his Titan, but don't see anything for our trucks yet. I'd be curious to see how our trucks are doing under the harsh real light of the official timers at the strip.

I took my SE Offroad 4x4 to Gulfport Dragway back in the summer. It was really not broken in but ran consistent 15.4's in three runs in 90 degree temperature. Only difference from the present setup is that I also have a K&N AirCharger and had it attached that day rather than the drop in. You can swap them in about 15-20 minutes once the AirCharger kit is put together. Pretty good for how big and heavy it is. I did not keep the slips, so I intend to return in a few weeks, run it again and try to scan and post the results.

I do have an accelerometer. A G-Tech Pro Comp. It is not as good as timers at the strip, but if you set it up properly, especially calibrating the tachometer and dialing in the weight properly, it is pretty accurate and repeatable. It was showing the same times within a tenth as the strip runs, but a couple mph higher trap speeds. There are technical reasons for that.

It also shows hp and torque curves, which for me are ranging from about 247-253 horses at the rear wheels and about 315-320 pounds of torque at the rear wheels. Recognizing that this is at the wheel and not the crankshaft, I think those are pretty good numbers for a truck that is bascially stock except for the airbox mod and the drop-in air filter.

Now that the weather is cooler, the quarter mile times by the accelerometer have fallen to 15.1's. Denser air and a fully broken in engine will do that.

I have no frame of reference as to how these numbers stack up to other Armadas and whether exhaust or more serious intake mods will help.

I know that running a behemoth SUV on the strip may not make sense, and I don't intent to try to turn the truck into a bracket racer or something! But objective data is useful in seeing what our trucks do and what mods work and which ones do not.

Anyone have any results they would like to share?
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Should get high 14s and 0-60 in low 7s. Obviously this will vary depending on 4x2 vs. 4x4, SE vs. LE, wheels and tires, aftermarket stuff, etc. ;)
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