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Question about Aftermarket Radio install

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Do we need an Antenna Adapter to hook up to an aftermarket stereo?

(just wondering cause we have that funky antenna)
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Yes, and not only that, don't forget to hook up power for your antenna. I was getting crappy reception and couldn't figure out why, as usually the blue lead wire just runs the amp signal turn on, but with the antennas in the windows on the Armadas they need power to operate. So once I hooked up my antenna power, wow, it works!

Yeah, I know- Duh! Oh well, live and learn.
Where can I get an antenna adapter ??????? and what wire are you talking about ... ???
Help Im installing today ...... !!!!!!
OK I found the "power antenna wire" on the wiring harness. I will hook this up to the remote power turn on wire from the Pioneer Deck. Now .....

Can I get an antenna adapter at Best Buy or Circuit City ??
I'm sure Best Buy or Circuit City would have it. You're correct to just hook up the antenna power wire along with your amp turn on wire.
I did it !

it sounds great with the Polk Audio's I installed in the doors

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Nice! Pics?
Not trying to necro a post but I just installed an aftermarket radio in my 05 and got horrible reception. I hooked the power amp wires together hoping it would do the job and I still have bad reception, does the one from the "car side" of the harness need to go the 12 acc maybe instead of the one labelled power antenna on the radio side?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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