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QX tow questions

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I towed my racecar this weekend and it went fine. Just a few questions:

When towing I left the auto tranny in 4 gear. I was told never to tow in O/D. Is this the same with the QX?

What exactly does the "Tow Mode" do?? I felt no real difference.

I was able to get 289 miles before the fuel light kicked on. All hwy towing. That is as good or not better then my daily city driving without a trailer!!! What kind of mileage are you guys getting.

One last thing. How do you reset that Oil change overdue light screen that pops up in the NAV??? he local oil change spot hasd no idea how to reset it.
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ToyHauler said:
You should keep the tranny out of O/D in any vehicle when towing. It prevents the trans. from constantly shifting in and out of O/D and keeps the trans. cooler.

The Tow Mode button keeps the trans in each gear longer.

I was able to tow a race car on a flat trailer (~5000lbs. total) back from WV through the mountains and get about 310miles. The speed you run, type of trailer and load, and driving habits will greatly dictate what type of mileage you will get. I will be towing an enclosed trailer to the track in WV this weekend (~5600lbs.). I'll let you know what I get.

To reset the Oil Change reminder on the Mada with Nav, press the Trip button until the Maintenance screen is showing. Select Engine Oil. On the Engine Oil screen select Reset.
What size enclosed are you running that will weigh only 5600??? Or is that with no car inside? I am looking for an enclosed but was afraid the truck could not pull it. I towed my race car back through those mountains in WV. Some steep upgrades!!! I was using a new Hemi Ram truck and it flew up those hills like nothing. Open trailer with a racecar. I plan on towing alot of places this year and I will see how it does. Oh, the trip to Cecil County was an average HWY speed of 85-90. So that explains the less fuel mileage. We made it from Central Jersey to Cecil County Dragway in 1 hour 31 minutes
Here is a pic of my lil streeter.LOL!!

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