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QX vs. Armada suspension

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Does anyone out there know the difference between the QX56's suspension and that of the Armada? Supposedly the QX is a bit softer (I've never ridden in one) but from the Infiniti and Nissan websites they are spec'ed out both as independent double wishbone with stabilizer bar front and rear.

Maybe some softer shocks, and a beefier stabilizer bar? I find my Armada to be a bit on the jerky side (left to right) and it would be nice if I could soften it up a bit, or just get the few parts needed to upgrade to the QX ride.
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The QX56 I drove felt smoother but the Infiniti sales guy said that the only reason it feels smoother is because there is an extra 90+ lbs of sound deadening insulation on the QX56 that the Armada doesn't have. He also said the suspension and chassis are identical.

Probably makes sense.
I actually bought the Armada vs. the QX56 because of the front end. I think the Armada front end is much nicer. Specially the headlights and grill.

I wanted the QX56 with the Armada front end. Can't mod the front end, so I got the Armada.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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