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QX56 Factory matched wood kits! Sale

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Kits are now ready and can be ordered via the website. Same Burtman Industries quality as seen in our FX kits. With the sale, you are saving $50 on the kit. - then look for SEARCH by VEHICLE. Layout is now up and on sale.

Qx kits are made to match either the light or dark factory wood.
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cant find the 06 mada wood kits on your site?

Jason B said:
Everything is on the website with more picture and all the layouts.

The match is right on, which most can't get this close.
I looked on your site and couldnt find 06 Armada wood kits at all? Interested in real wood or to put brushed aluminum where it isnt today - interior door handle and power window inserts

Can you help?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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