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QX56 Factory matched wood kits! Sale

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Kits are now ready and can be ordered via the website. Same Burtman Industries quality as seen in our FX kits. With the sale, you are saving $50 on the kit. - then look for SEARCH by VEHICLE. Layout is now up and on sale.

Qx kits are made to match either the light or dark factory wood.
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Cool, we also can do this color for the Armada.
92TripleBlack said:
Just want to find out what you are saying JB. You have kits now for QX56 to add additional wood to the stock stuff, or kits that allow you to change the wood, or kits for the Armada that look like the QX woods, or all the above? I like the limited amount of wood in the qx minus the steering wheel. Problem I've found is most kits have a lot more too them and cost a lot more. I was debating on getting the Infiniti stuff like the center console, gauge, and door stuff. Do you have a kit for the Armada that will make the interior look like the QX and not go crazy on the price?
Pretty much all of the above to a point.

The Armada kits we have are just the "right" amount of pieces and do not looks overdone. It will look very similiar to the QX kit. Now, if you buy the stock QX pieces, those are going to cost you MUCH, much more, that the full kit we have. The Armada kits are on sale right now for $299 in real wood. I can do synthetic wood too, which is less, but the sale price on the real wood is the deal and the quality is what will blow you away. We do sell this same kit to other dealer that sell it for $699! You can go wrong for the quality and the current price.

I can also have it made in the QX colors, light or dark, whichever you prefer.
Super sale i snow back on for all QX kits. 2004, 2005, and newly released 2006 kits.
Everything is on the website with more picture and all the layouts.

The match is right on, which most can't get this close.
alangsam said:
I looked on your site and couldnt find 06 Armada wood kits at all? Interested in real wood or to put brushed aluminum where it isnt today - interior door handle and power window inserts

Can you help?
Ok, the 2006 armada kit is now avail!

There were some changes to the radio and the new 06 kit is ready and can be ordered on the site
They do adhere ovetop the current dash pieces and do look very nice.

Only you will probably know what was added and where. IT's a very good match and completes the truck. THe kit comes as a whole only, and I bet you will end up using more pieces than you think.:)

The vent piece do stop at the top like you said, and this is to revent cracking, as if they were higher, the sun, light, etc, would crack overtime if they went any higher...

If you have any other questions feel free to call or email.
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Trust me, in person it looks 10 times better ;).
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