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QX56 roof leak - headliner stain

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Its raining right now, and my roof appears to be leaking above the drivers head on the A-pillar. When I first noticed the leak the truck was parked uphill. I then parked it downhill to see if it made a difference. Couldn't tell if the leak was much different, but I did notice the pillar trim was getting wetter farther down past the handle after parking down hill. The sunroof drains are not clogged in either case. I opened SR and there was no standing water to speak of. I then tested both front drains with a big cup of water and they drained without hesitancy. I did notice that the weatherstrip seal along the front of the SR had come off on the passenger side so I reattached it. I'd be willing to replace that just because its time, but it seems like that would make it leak on the passenger side were that the issue. Any ideas? I've read a million threads out there about roof leaks and they all seem to blame the drains but they don't seem to be an issue unless they are just cracked tubes that are not clogged but just leaking. Anyone have a part number for that weather strip?

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I can't quite tell from the pictures if that is just dirt or some surface rust the along the edge of the sunroof. I would see if you can clean that up and take a look at the seal also for dirt or damage. That might help.

There is a thread on here about the drains becoming disconnected or damaged up by the drains and they replaced them. They were having the same problem also.
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