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Andreas said:
Hi Guys,
finaly I´ve got my QX56 2004 here in Germany.
What can I say; The powertraín and engine is super perfect. The driving is just fine and very smooth - just the way I like it.
The interiour quality is so so: some parts are perfect (leather, wood) some
are just everage (Plastics).
Any lexus SUV is better in quality.
But no lexus can give me this wonder- and powerfull feeling, when I step on the gas.
So fare I´m in love with my new car - the first one in my life, which I bought without having it seen or ridden before...
But there is one thing, that realy will drive me mad in future, when I can´t get it fixed:
the rattles on bad bad roads.
On good roads (like the Autobahn) everything is fine. But on bumpy roads I hear some rattles from the DVD sreen in the overheadconsole,
from the rear gate and some noises from the driver´s seat.
After I have read the thread "Problems" I have one question:
Where or how can I get a text which I can print out in oder to give it to my local NISSAN dealer, so that he knows, how to fix those rattles?

Thank you for answers in advance.

P.S. the Michelin Cross Terrain are just fine - even in snow (we had 30 inches last week)
here it is

and Infinity Bulletins.htm

good luck :awesome:
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