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Rear axle question

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Can someone explain to me the pros/cons of an independent rear suspension rather than a solid axle setup? I had always been under the assumption a solid rear was the way to go with trucks.

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The world is NOT flat anymore!

IRS has many virtues, just asks any Hummer H1 driver. The main reason you see nothing but solid axles in trucks is cost, the almighty dollar rules the roost. A solid axle much cheaper to design, manufacture and install. All the old school tow guys will scoff IRS because they think they are all made like a sports car rear end. But when done right are superior to a leave spring/solid axle, mainly the IFS tire/wheel location cannot shift around like a leave spring shackles and spring wrap will allow. A solid axle with 4/5 link/coil is a big improvement over the leave type as far as axle location rigidity and is the best for towing in my opinion. As far as off-roading the IRS has got better ground clearance as well as much less un-sprung weight for the tire to remain in contact with the ground. When I look closely at the Armada rear suspension I see rear wheel steering coming soon, which would be much easier to do to an IRS.
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Throw in rear wheel steering and a locking diff, Nissan will be selling me another Armada. My uncle drove me around in his Denali w/ quadrasteer, man is it impressive. The ride was pretty comfortable, too. It'd be great to manuever in parking lots like my old Laser in something this big.
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