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Rear brake pad replacement

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With all the focus on the front brake problems, I just about overlooked the rears. They started squealing over the last two-three weeks and I finally took a look at them this week.

At 41000 miles they are worn to minimums. The inboard driver's side pad was the only one to have a small piece that looked like it crumbled off the side.

I ordered replacement pads (Autozone $30) and swapped them out this morning. It's a pretty easy job, but a couple of observations to pass along:

- Jacking up the rear of the truck requires much greater extension of the factory jack than the front. Make sure you have a good, wide-based jack stand for safety. I also put a chalk behind the front tire to keep the truck from rocking back.
- To compress the caliper piston you'll need a clamp or vise.
- Expect that you'll have to pull out a small amount of brake fluid from the master cylinder when you're done. Mine was just over the max line after I put the new pads in.

All new front brakes and new rear pads - I'm hoping this takes me to 100k without problems.
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What about the 3 yr/unlimited miles??

I understand that the normal wear and tear is generally not covered under have an '04. I thought the deal was that Nissan sent a letter that gave the brakes a 3 year/unlimited mileage warranty. The unlimited part is what I'm asking about. Any thoughts guys????
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