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Rear Dvd

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I have an 04 LE (no nav/no dvd) I do the the rear audio control panel and the flip down that is just a storage compartment. Can i get one of those-all in one units (dvd/screen) and put it up there? Is there a way to take the plastic headliner unit apart and put an all in one unit up there??
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Thanks, send me a pic of your screen set up..all i did with my ipod (until i can get the Clarion NICE) is to get the charger cradle from and use a standard pin to pin cable from the earphone jack into the AUX in the dash...
does the dvd player have a audio/vid outs to run to a 2nd screen? Thinking of putting NICE in the dash and would like to play movies on that as well
what are the base dimms of the Absolute? Will it hang over the sides of the consule??
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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