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Rear Sensor Broken - Dealer Needs Help!!!

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I've had my Mada in the shop 3 times for the rear sensors - they are turned off and will not turn back on. They have literally replaced every part in it (including the brain) and it is still not working. :mad:

Last week when I got it back they wrote on my service slip that the "Problem continues. Need to call Nissan Tech." I still haven't heard back from them!!!

Does anyone have any insight into what needs to be done to fix this? PLEASE!!! :pullout:
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Yes, the back up sensor. I'm using Classic Nissan and they have been pretty good to deal with - much better than Reed!!! I do wish they would provide loaners though because last week they had my Mada overnight and that was a pain. I hear Bill Ray Nissan is nice to deal with too because they are a small, family owned dealer.
Yes I do have the tow package! I will call the dealer tomorrow and see if they've looked into that issue.

Thank you so much for your help!
BTW...I love this website!
I love my backup sensors! Let's just say I'm not a good judge of distance!
Am I a girl??? What kind of question is that?? I am so offended!!! LOL
92TripleBlack said:
. Also good for people with shopping carts jumping behind a reversing 3 ton truck. :eek:
I'm always surprised at how many stupid people do this too!!! Especially when they have small children with them!
Now I'm really confused!!!

:clueless: I called Nissan Consumer because the dealer still hasn't gotten back with me. They said there is a "tag on your vehicle for the BCM because there is an electrical short". I have NO CLUE what the heck any of that means but that is what they told me to tell the dealer.
I'm calling to make an appointment this morning. I'll let you know what I find out! :)
Georgie...they are going to do the recall fix on mine on Wednesday. The service guy said the BCM harness is the Body Control Module and that is controls much of the vehicle including the engine so when it shorts out (which is what it is recalled for) it can make the vehicle do all kinds of strange stuff - still not sure exactly what all that means, but it doesn't sound so good!!! :) I'd get mine in sooner than later if I were you!
1 - 10 of 17 Posts
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