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Rear sonar and control problems at low temps

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I am based at Fort wainwright Alaska, nothing but sub-acrtic weather in the winter. At -10 and lower my rear sonar continues to go off even if i keep the rear clear of ice, At -20 i just turn it off. have not come up with a Fix at this time :(

At -15 and lower light on dash take a few minuts to light up and controls are slugish and stiff. But Armada starts at first try tested at -40 and killer in the snow and ice.

Window controls are also slow when they come down. Low psi can have issues but have not pin point the temp.
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Yup, that happens. This has been discussed once, a long time ago. It's important to note that this is NOT an Armada-specific issue, it happens on all vehicles with rear sonar. I've got friends with Fords, Hummers and Acuras that do the same thing.

Ice and snow will set them off as well, and I think when it gets too cold for that membrane to pulse out it's signal, it just beeps.

I'm in Indiana, and it's bloody cold here, with tons of snow and ice. I deal with this backup sensor on a daily basis! But when I leave my Aramda in the hangar or in my garage, I can back up just fine without the sonar screwing up. Gotta disable it and turn your head in the winter! ;)

As for the control issue - I've experienced a little bit of that as well. The other night it was around -3 F here, and my LCD displays got kindof wonky on me. No big deal, once they warmed up they were fine. As for controls being stiff, mine were OK, but it wasn't anywhere near -40 here!

Stay warm buddy!!!

By the way - does anyone have remote start on their Armada??? I've heard they are great - but I've also heard they can screw up your starter - and cancel your warranty. Any thoughts on this?
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