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rear window wash fluid sprayer

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Mine doesn't spray, but dribbles fluid down the middle of the window, and continues to dribble even after the wiper stops. Anyone else have this problem?

Love my Mada.
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Oh yeah. One of the first things I noticed back in February of '04. I guess maybe they figured if it sprays, then at speed it won't get on the window. ???
Mine dribbles down the window and I have never even used it yet. There must be a non return valve thats not working. I had the same problem on a Volvo T5 a few years back.

It makes a horible mess which I hope they can fix on the first service, along with the non heating front heated seats :pullout:
Mine is brand new and just dribbles as well, I would think it should spray and if it should I guess I will need to take it in to be fixed. Or is it just a bad design?
The rear washer on my Pathfinder and Xterra would spray and hit the window while moving or standing still. Hard to figure the washer would dribble by design. Maybe the hose is pinched or the nozzle is restricted.

dave and xtoy - don't want no dribblemada
No way it would be designed that way. Even my crappy Ford Expedition sprayed the rear window well (now, wiper, that's another story..). I'll have them look at it when I take it in. It must be fixed ;-)
Its designed that way. going down the road at highway speed there is a burble created behind the rear hatch. This creates a sort of vacumm which will tend to pull the water away from the glass. By keeping it in a stream it stays on the glass and the wiper is to spread it around.

Every SUV I've owned is like this.
llajumpvid's correct. Designed this way so that at medium or higher speeds, the spray doesn't just blow away.
I"m no expert, but I could swear my Expedition sprays the liquid nice and evenly. I've still got the thing - I'll go try it. Anyway, what's wrong with designing it so that it works well at low speeds? - If they dribble it out, then it won't fly onto the guy behind you?
Yeap, dribble here also. Have yet to use it and I always have a dry stream of water on the rear window.
rdibene said:
I always have a dry stream of water on the rear window.

:huh: Is that similar to a hot peice of ice?
Dribble on mine also. ;)
92TripleBlack said:
Dribble on mine also. ;)

Time to schedule a prostate exam? :schla24:
Wrong end, but could be fun regardless. ;)
threads gone wrong. So how bout them Angels?
If it does not have wheels and an engine I have no interest, OK well maybe just an engine. As far as women, let's just say I've learned my lesson. Baseball lost me for good during the last "labor" strike.
:chainsaw: Same Same!! sorry design!!!
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