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Recall: Front Drive Axle Bolts

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Just got home and found a notice in the mail for my 06 Armada LE 4x4 about a recall for checking the tightness on the front drive axle flange bolts. I was just at the dealership today for my first oil change, nice how they didnt even bother mentioning the recall, maybe they dont have it in the system yet, oh well I havent been overly impressed with anything about Cerritos Nissan (CA) since I bought this vehicle. I really do love this Armada though, havent been disappointed at all with the performance.

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ok i have an 06 mada and i just read the website and now there is a recall on the bolts on the front drive shaft to the front final drive assembly line, but it says only "four wheel drive equipped cars (aramda & titan) ", i have a 4x2 and my steering wheel is kindy bit shaky when i drive on the freeway, but as for the street, not much vibration but on the recall website it says but as for more the ability to control the vehicle will not be does that include me too?
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