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Recent 2021 Armada purchase, tow mirror question?

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My husband and I just traded in his 2020 Jeep Gladiator to upgrade to a 2021 Armada Platinum with towing package. We will be towing our 21 ft Keystone Bullet Crossfire travel trailer this weekend from Upstate SC to Lake Lanier, GA (3 hours). We added tow mirror extenders to his gladiator since it had small square mirrors. Does everyone find it necessary to add tow mirrors on their 2021 Armadas to see around the trailer properly? If so, which ones worked best for ya'll?

I prefer that whatever we get be removable since I wouldn't be able to fit the Armada in the garage with mirror extenders permanently fixed.

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We were in the same boat. We were towing with our JLU Wrangler and using the cheapie strap mounted extensions and they were prone to flying off. We picked up an Armada to become our tow vehicle, and those cheapie mirrors worked even worse. So then I bucked up and bought these bar mirrors, and they work really well (for the one time we we've towed with the Armada so far). Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirror (Twin Pack): Automotive

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We moved up to an Armada from a Durango in order to pull a 25' Lance trailer (which is a full width 8ft trailer). The Armada is definitely wider and while I needed tow mirrors for the Durango, they really don't seem necessary to me with the Armada. There is very good coverage in the existing mirrors and you might consider them good enough, we do. Definitely try towing without them and see how you feel before deciding you need to accessorize in this department.
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I have a 2021 Armada Platinum and tow a Airstream 28RBT International Serenity. I find the mirrors are adequate for side lane coverage but I use the backup camera on the trailer & monitor as my rear view mirror (I run with lights on). I wish the Armada’s dash monitor could pick up that backup camera, or better yet, the smart rear view mirror. Either way it would eliminate the backup camera monitor from the dash area.
I too use the Dometic Melenco mirrors with my 2021 SL. Bought them on Amazon.

As ab added warning, beware the Intelligent Backup Intervention, I-BI, auto braking kicks in when youputthe Armada in reverse with a trailer behind you. It must be turned off each time you start the vehicle.
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