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Regional Service Rep for SoCal?

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Does anyone know the contact info for the Nissan Regional Service Rep for Southern California?

I'm giving my local dealer, Mossy Nissan-Poway one last (third time) to fix a constant squeak behind the radio bezels. Their ability to troubleshoot is unbelieveably bad. They obviously don't drive it after they "fix" it.
If they fail again, I want to bitch to someone above the dealer level.
I know I could fix it myself, but why should I?

Also, their service techs are totally careless when they're working on my rig.
When they installed a screw in the rear roofrack that was missed by the factory, one of their techs scratched the liftgate with what was probably his belt buckle. They buffed it out some, but you can still see it.
When they replaced the overhead console that was cracked because of overtightening at the factory, the tech doing it had greasy hands and scuzzed up the roof liner all around the console. They cleaned it the next time I was in (for the squeak), but how stupid is that?
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