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removing dash panels? - help!

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Hi- I just bought a new 04 Armada black on steel. anyways- i wanted to remove parts of teh dash so i can fit a antena wire up above the radio to my garmin GPS that sits above teh radio unit on tehat little shelf. I already drilled a little whole for it when it got hard wired to the car. now i need to install an external antenna to get better reception for my gps. any ideas on how i can run this wire from the floor and remove some panels left of the glove compartment?

I mounted the antenna behind the rear brake light above the trunk and am running the cable from there alon ght left side of the headliner. From their im want to go in from next to the glove box and up into the shelf above the radio. thats where my garmin is mounted.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I wish I had the link, I think we might all benefit from it... You can pay like $20 dollars and download the extensive instruction manual for your truck. I've previewed a section, and it goes DEEP into detail, even proper reassembly (most is just the reverse of dissasembly, lol). I know someone on here knows the link... I've seen it posted a few times. I'm definately going to get it so I can customize my sound system & look professional.
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