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Replacing egine and gearbox in Armada 2015

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Hi everybody
Is it possible to replace the engine and gearbox in a 2015 Armada with a gen 2 Armada 2017-2020 + engine and gearbox
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Unlimited funds + unlimited time = anything is possible.
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"unlimited finds" - so true with maintaining these rigs past ~120k.

I had a used engine priced with a shop quote for tear out and install (not including the trans) back when my HPFP lifter failed and trashed its cam follower and timing chain cover. Needless to say, the $6k to fix what i had was about 1/2 of what an engine swap was going to cost.

These are pretty much throw away vehicles when engine or trans go bad cause you're almost always over 50% of its value to fix it.

My 2011 QX56 has had so many major issues, i'm at a running rate of needing to save ~500 per month just for the next major failure. This is not an exaggeration either. It's been that way since about 120k and 4 years ago. Even with doing most of the work myself, i'm out to Sep 2023 before I can afford another major fix (likely the cats).
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