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I am posting this here because I feel that people may read it. I have a request/suggestion for posting etiquette (spelling). Hopefully this will be taken as a constructive suggestion:

I find it frustrating when I see a post that have titles like "Chrome Wheels" or "New 24 inch monitor" or "Extended Spoiler". The problem with these titles is that I never know if someone has found something and providing info, or if they are looking for info. So I find myself going to these threads just to find out that someone is looking for an extended spoiler or 24-inch monitor. Since I don't have the answer, it is a waste of time.

What I would suggest is that if you have somethig to show everyone or tell us about, use titles like the above..."New Extended Spooiler". Then we will know that if we go to this thread, we will get some info. But if you are searching for info, please use a question mark after the title, or use the words "Looking for" or "in search of". For example, "Extended Spoiler?" or "ISO Extended Spoiler". That way, I will know to go there if I have the answer.

This may seem like a small thing, but it is a big deal if you read this while at work, and need to be able to check things out quickly. Anyway, this is the protocol I will be following. I hope others use similar language to distinguish "I have" from "I am looking for".

Greg :comp26:
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