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Rim insight help

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Hello all, new here and hoping for some help. Just finished paperwork on a 05' Aztec Gold LE and they are locating the vehicle now. Nissan offered a 20" and 22" wheel upgrade but I didn't like the styles too much and dealer markups are usually a bitch. I would like to slap on some 22"s and was wondering what max width will fit on the Armada? 10"? Anyone know the right offsets off hand? I don't want the rims bulldogin out from the fenders.

Lastly, ride quality... how much of it is sacrificed when stepping up? The Supra rides like a stagecoach on rials with the 19"s and coilovers but that is what I was going for, I still want the nice ride on the mada.

Thanks for any help!
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I dont know too much about the Armada specific, but the stock offset is +25mm. If you go a wider tire than stock, go towards a more neutral offset, like +20 or 15mm.
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