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Rim/Tire (any good shops in Toronto, Ont?)

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What is the best rim and tire package...i want to get rid of the stock rims for summer and get something cool and chromed out :cool: stock tires are horrible and i want to get rid of those too...the size i'm looking for is 20's..i orginally wanted 22's but, i really didn't want to lose that much of the ride quality...I'm looking for a simple design for the rims, but I have no idea from where to buy good, cheap rims :confused: i don't want to goet ripped'll be great if sum1 knows any good shops in Toronto, Ontario that sell good rims and tires..
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Hey Hullio,
A couple of good shops are:

I've had good personal experience with them from my cars in the past.

Also I've heard on other boards that these joints are good but have no personal experience.

Most of not all are in the GTA. Let me know if you find any good deals because my wife just bought a new silver Armada LE.

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Ya alright man, please do.

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