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Road trip with new Cross Terrains

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I just finished a 1200 mi. road trip with kids and new Michelin Cross Terrain tires in OEM 265/70-18.

Couldn't be happier with the tires. The Contis are crap and can't believe that with less than 5k miles on the car I am basically trashing the conti tires. My last suv was a ML 430 and I waited 3 years before putting Cross Terrains on.

Back then I said I can't believe I put up with a lousy ride for so long before putting these on. I bit the bullet and put these on right off the bat in hopes I would get an all around improvement in the ride and, thank God, I don't feel like I wasted my money.

Like I said I've only had my Mada couple of months, but the 70+mph shimmy problem was there even after a road force balance. So was the road grit feel,
I felt through the wheel. At higher speeds the ride felt busy and just pretty unrefined at all speeds.

Wth these Cross Terrains, the edge is taken off the ride at all speeds, but at high speeds, these tires shine. No vibration in the steering wheel at all and very stable. 80-90mph feels like 50-60mph on the original tire. Smooth as silk and no road noise.

I didn't realize before that these tires are OEM on the Lexus LX470 and they should be on the Mada/QX.

I haven't read anything about anyone using this tire on the Armada, but if your tire guy can find them, they turn this great mile eater into a different vehicle.

I also found out that when the cd player stops working, it's handy to be able to play them on the dvd player.

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I had the Cross Terrains on my Pathfinder and they were the best tires I have ever owned. That is what I will put on my Armada when I buy new tires.
Thanks for posting this. I checked a few months (Michelin web site) and they didn't show the Cross Terrians for the Armada. I'm sure happy that they are available.
I looked all over for the Cross Terrains and the tire shops all told me they are not available in that size. Maybe not in Los Angeles then.

I just put on 4 new tires. Even though everyone is saying that the Contis are crap, they were only $200 for 4 brand new ones from an Infiniti dealer that took them off a brand new QX56.

I figure I'll wear these down in 10 months then go get the Cross Terrains.
Hopefully Costco stocks them at that point.
I emailed Michelin a week ago to ask why their website doesn't list the 265/70-18 as a fit for the Armada.
I got an email back today saying that Michelin does not recommend the Cross Terrain SUV on the Armada due to GVWR 6999
Anyone have any idea what that means?
I don't know what that means, and I don't know whether to be worried or not.

I don't do any heavy towing, only a light trailer from time to time.

The tire still makes the Armada ride like a luxury SUV, but the message is not reassuring.

Since posting this, I just emailed Michelin referencing this last message(Thanks) and I'm waiting for a response.

andy said:
I emailed Michelin a week ago to ask why their website doesn't list the 265/70-18 as a fit for the Armada.
I got an email back today saying that Michelin does not recommend the Cross Terrain SUV on the Armada due to GVWR 6999
Anyone have any idea what that means?
The GVWR is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. A GVWR of 7,000 lbs will put about 1750 lbs on each tire.
I don't know why they would tell you the Cross Terrain isn't recommended for the Armada. According to Michelin's web site the Cross Terrain is "designed specifically for SUV's". They also tell us that it is the OEM tire for the 2005 Lexus GX470 and the Lincoln Navigator. The Cross Terrian in 265-70R18 has a load rating of 2365 lbs, which should give a GVWR of 9,460 lbs. So where is the problem?
I will use them on my Armada.
That's what I figured. If they can go on a Navigator, why not Armada.
I think someone at Michelin is not clear.
I asked them why they didn't cross reference the P265/70-18 Cross Terrain to the Armada?
I still am going to get these for my next tires.
Just got the answer back from Michelin. Every thing is cool. Said it was an oversight on their part that the 265/70-18 XT was not listed as proper fittement for the Armada.

See below:

Dear Mr. Freeman:

Thank you for visiting our Web site and sending us your e-mail.

Regarding your inquiry:

>>> I recently purchased a set of 265/70-18 Cross Terrains from Discount
Tire Co for my 2005 Nissan Armada. This is the OEM size tire for the car.

I was just advised from the Armada message board that Michelin did not
recommend these tires for the Armada because of the GVWR of the Armada.

What do I have to be worried about and should I take these tires back ti
Discount Tire for a refund since Michelin does not want these tires on the
vehicle? <<<

We appreciate your recent patronage of Michelin(r) brand tires. You are
correct that the Michelin(r) Cross Terrain SUV in size P265/70R18 114S (Part
Number 95566) is an appropriate fitment for a 2005 Nissan Armada. We
apologize for the oversight on our Web site. These tires are intended for
use on your vehicle.

If you have additional questions, please respond to this email or you may
call us at 1-800-847-3435 (toll-free) between 8:30AM and 6:00PM Eastern Time
Monday through Friday to allow one of our Consumer Relations Representatives
to assist you.

Michelin North America
Consumer Relations Department

(Please Do Not Delete the line below.)
Email ID: 1397045
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How much do those Terrains cost?
A bunch!

Cost from Discount Tires for 4 tires, road force balanced, mounted including sales tax and fees was $951.00. Pretty damn pricey.

HOLY COW! That is unbelievable, I didn't know tires could be that expensive. There had better be a difference in the way they drive or feel then. FOR THAT PRICE! What is the most expensive brand/tire out there?
Maybe I will just deal with the cheeps tires for :eek:
$951 ? Wow, you know, a little shaking on the wheel doesn't seem so bad after all.

Good thing you don't have 24's. That would be $2,200 for 4 tires
That's why I didn't get 20s, because I didn't want new tires. OVER $2,000....that is INSANE! Some people on this site got some serious CASH FLOW!
WHERE, O where, did you get them? Michelin still says they're not available... TIA
I found them by searching on 1010tires website. It's a great website for searching for tires and getting actual customer reviews.

I purchased the tires at the local Discount Tires Store.

I like the tries, but if I were doing it again I think I would try a 285/60-18. That size seems to be pretty readily availble and gives more of the profile I like.

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