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Roof Rack Mod

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I had a Yakima Bike carrier (luggage rack mounted) on my old SUV and when I bought my ARMADA I instinctively tried to throw it on my luggage rack. Much to my dismay, the “Low riders” that attach to my crossbars were too small for the ARMADA's brawny luggage carrier. Still undaunted I went to my local Nissan deal to inquire about what pieces parts I needed (since they have a Yakima basked mounted to the top of an ARMADA on the accessory brochure) to mount them to the existing bars. To my surprise, the "lead tech" comes out and basically tells me there was no way to have a bike rack on my ARMADA. I listen to his nonsense for about 5 minutes, and after I reached my “high Bulls**t alarm”, I told the tech that he was close to the dumbest Muthaf**ka I'd ever seen, he also owes me money for wasting valuable time of my life listening to his rhetorical Blah Blah Blah. I told him that if they put a basket on the roof, there has to be some way to secure it, and if it is secured, and, the Yakima systems are interchangeable than there must be a way to do it. So here's what I did. I bought a new luggage rack beam; I'll call it "luggage rack support". Since the good people at Nissan only gave us 2 (1 fixed, 1 adjustable) it seemed like the obvious starting point. It cost me $80 and some change. Then I researched the way that the basket secures to the ARMADA and that is called "horizontal mightymounts" which set me back another $30 but what the heck, I have a $40k+ truck and that asshole works for close to minimum wage, so another $120 was well worth it to me. After getting the mighty mounts I figured out that the bolts that were supplied were not long enough to fit from the bike track, through the original securing mount, and through the horizontal mighty mount which attaches to the aforementioned "luggage rack support". So off to Home Depot I go, my head still not bowed in my quest. I get to Home Depot and take the bolt in and it is a standard 5/16" I have, and a 5/16" I’m looking for, only longer. Low and behold I found them (with the help of this incredible looking, petite waist Home Depot employee (which I started to ask for other random things to keep her around, but I remained focused...but now that's it's over i might go back for her) so after finding the 5in 5/16 bolts I went to pay to find the whopping price of $1.68 for 4 of them. so after I got home, elated in the joy that I had everything I needed to assemble my roof rack I got to work. Well if you are reading this post it must have been successful right??? Well Hell yeah I was successful, I only had one hiccup...when attaching the rack to your "luggage rack support" YOU MUST REMOVE THEM FROM THE ROOF! Silly me tried to assemble it on the roof and couldn't get the 5" bolt through the mightymount without it hitting the roof it's self. Other than that, piece of cake and a job well done, I’ll post some pics of it later on when it stops raining, and I’ll find my paperwork for everyone else so they will have stock numbers. Next time I go into have some service work done, I’ll make sure I strap the Cannonade up, just for an extra kick in the nads to this asshole that told me It couldn't be done. Shift_ attitudes.!!!!!
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Good work! Post some pics of your rack for those interested if you don't mind.
Pretty cool. I assume you know they make a bike rack for the inside? Personally, I'm looking to modify my spare tire mount Yakima to mount on the hitch. Go Trek! ;)
I am aware of the inside bike rack, but with two little girls, all their assorted Hello Kitty and Bratz things, a pregnant fiance and all her Hello Kitty and Bratz things (ok, i'm kidding on that one!) i'll run out of room fast. You don't have use ofthe third row nor the second row, even with the bench 2nd row partially folded down, it would be cramped.
Armada Brotha said:
"a pregnant fiance"
Oooopppps :) She's not the Home Depot girl is she?
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