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Safety belts and Door Handles

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If you have kids, you probably figured out that you can pull the safety belts all the way out to the stops, then they will ratchet back - this works great for securing my son into his booster seat and for securing child seats that don't have the handy dandy latches.

A word of caution - my five year old figured out how to loop the belt around the rear door handle. The belt then ratcheted back and I couldn't get any slack in the system to try and fix it. I ended up taking a 14mm socket and removing the lower anchor point for the belt.

Somehow, kids will always figure out exactly what the engineers at Nissan never thought of.

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Pretty sharp 5yr old. Nissan should sign him up. I bet he could even figure out that anchor points for child seats should be built into the middle seat on the bench seats. The Nissan engineers couldn't come up with that one. They only placed them on the outboard seats.

I've got 3 kids and my little guy with the child seat sits in the middle. Trying to get a safe belt up using the Nissan set-up is difficult. It would be nice just to latch onto an anchor using the seat belts attached to the child seat. If the engineers at GM could set this up on my 03 2500HD Crew Cab, surely the Nissan engineers could do the same.

Anyways... sorry for the rant.
Thank you for the words of caution.
Concur with your rant.
- Why in the heck do you invent a kid hauler SUV and only put tethers on the outboard seats in the 2nd row middle and the passenger side position in the third row?
- Why no latches other than on those two outboard 2nd row seats?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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