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Sat. radio question

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I am waiting to pick up my Armada and I do want the sat. radio installed.

I could get the dealer's for $490 or an after market for $375. The question is which one is better?

Anyone on the forum had this done after market?

Thank you!
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I have the factory one and the nice thing about it is you don't even know its there. Aftermarket and you have to put it some where. I think it worth the extra to have dealer intalled option. Clean and nice!!!!
I have an 06 LE NAV with factory XM. It is great. It seems the 2006 XM reciever sends out 14 characters to NAV readout, unlike the past was like 10. :D

Thank you guys. I am going with the dealer installed. I do no have nav. so I guess it will be one line in the radio screen.
Adding on to what the above wrote, I think the ONLY disadvantage is that the display doesnt scroll the information sent from the satellite station. Kinda sucks, but I like the whole OEM integration. I guess its a trade off.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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