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Saudi Armada @340 Horsepower

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Stumbled on Nissan Saudi Arabia website and Nissan list the Armada with 340 HP.
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I am from Bahrain and I was going to raise the same issue (340HP). Can anyone contact Nissan factory in US to sort this doubt out? I think that will solve our issue. just an idea ... no hard feelings all,, we all share the same car but from different cities and countries. I was in US for 4 years and I know that the Americans like to joke around. Stay cool all.
just a note regarding our ECU in middle east,,,it is not fully OBDII,, and emission system is not the same.. in Bahrain we use 97 Octane for fuel. I am sure our armada is faster than the US ones. Oh,, regarding making fun of other countries,, just make sure who you are talking to first ( like me I am coool and like to joke around and I was in the states for 4 years, so I know the Americans very well...other people don't like to talk about their countries or even their stay cool all.
BlakSpyda said:
Qaher, glad to see you are still out there!
I am always at CT for getting help performance wise. I jump in between time to time to check on you guys during working hours where every one is if you see my signature you will see all my mods done so far. I am going crazy with the speed right now trying to make my mada so fast so it will take me less time to travel to the states and see you guys for mada I may be not here but i am watching stay cool and be happy. oh,, wanted to tell you long time ago,, that i want to make my car looks just like yours (grill )it looks really cool. I will get it in the furtue after I am done with all the performance mods first. after one week i will post a new modd for the keyless entry pad... I will post it in both clubs armada and titan.. it is gonna be a cool modd...wait and you will see how smart that modd is..hope it take care.
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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