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I recently dropped off the Armada because I found that the second row seat, cneter seat cushioh had a broken pull strap which lifts the seat cushion upward when lowering the second row seats. It appears that the pull strap is attached to a plastic oval which is sewn into the seat cushion. what had happened was that this plastic oval broke in half and became detached completely from the seat cushion. When i discussed this with the service department during a routine oil change visit, they told me they would have to replace the seat cushion. They ordered the part and when it came in I dropped the Armada off for about 4 hours to complete the task. On one hand its nice to know that the dealership and Nissan take care of you but I wonder about the person who designed such a device that doesnt plan for breakage and replacment of broken parts. Isnt it a good thing that when you get a flat tire that you dont have to replace your axle too.
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