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BIGAL said:
You can get a brand new one from the dealer for 41,711. (Carsdirect price). I think your going to take a bigger hit then you expect, according to trade in is worth a little over 35K. Also, becaused it used some people might have a hard time financing it.

Good luck.
Not with Tech Pkg, DVD, and 4x4. Still, I'd expect mid to upper 30s. You'll take a bath. Why does he want a pickup? I thought about it and for the few times I would use a pickup bed, I figured I could buy a trailer for a grand or even rent one from Uhaul and tow it. More capacity than a pickup, don't have to worry about getting it scratched or dented or dirty, and still have all the benefits of the SUV the rest of the time. Just an idea. ;)
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