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SEXY BEAST Owner Stephie

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I am a newbie... Just purchased my 2006 SE Red Brawn---- "SEXY BEAST" in March. I love it sooooooo much. I even have my husband shouting shot gun just to drive it. I love it. But it has been back to the dealership for a couple of things. Passenger seat squeaked and was replaced twice.
Now I have a problem.... there is an abrupt downshift when I try to engage it in reverse or drive. I was told by the dealership to put more miles on it, can this problem cause more damage if not fixed soon????
Help me with any suggestions. S.O.S!!!!!!!!
(Save our SEXY BEAST)
Would be happy to get to know other "Mada" owners
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Do you mean you get a significant thud when you shift into reverse or drive? I get that and took it in and dealer said they couldn't replicate it.
If you mean it clunks into gear, that's probably because you parked it on a hill and the weight of the SUV is on the trans. The way to fix this is engage the parking brake before releasing the regular brake when you park.
If this isn't it, please describe in more detail the problem. ;)
Welcome, I think the problem is what (92tripleblack) is mentioning.

First of all welcome and this is the place to look for answers. I concur with the previous two posts. I park on a hill and forgot to put on the parking brake before letting off of the brakes once and I almost could not get it out of PARK when I finally did it hit hard and loud. Never made that mistake again. Hope this helps.
I too would agree with everyone's input. I get that thud when shifting out of park too when parked on a hill. The way to tell is while you still have your foot on the brake, you put it in park, turn the ngine off, and the truck roll back or forward just a littlebit. I guarantee the next time you shift out of park, you will get the thud.

Not sure if this also applies for our trucks but it was my understadning that when you place the shift lever to park, a rod slips into a groove/hole on the main tranny shaft or differential. This locks the tansmission into place, thus preventing the wheels from turning. In a sense, it's like how the old rotary dial phones worked. You keep your finger in one hole, it keeps the rotary dial from turning any further.

Oh, and welcome!:hi:

I would like you guys to know how much I appreciate all your input.
I was told by the owner of the dealership that my problem is like this......if you go to a Dr. and he runs some test and they come back normal or you going to second guess that Dr. if you value his opinion??? No, right. So I want you to know Steph that our guys know what they are doing and if they say they do not find anything wrong , just trust that its ok. What do you guys think???? Operation SEXY BEAST is under way she was brought to the dealership for an overnight stay to see if they could replicate the noise.
Any input deeply appreciated..LOL
I would never go back to that dealer. that is a setup for dishonesty.
Problem w/ Abrupt Downshift

Operation Sexy Beast is now over. Dealership owner called and said my 2006 Armada is as good as new. I'm sooo relieved as it should've been in the first place. Its a freakin 2006--------idiots.
Well they ran a couple of tests and here is what tests were done.
TSB----technical bulletin w/ my Vin# to see if other Mada owners had post if they had the same problem.
And a Consult Machine------which does a print out if anything is found.
So test came back "normal" as the Dr. would say and she is as good as new.
How is that for an answer.
Just glad to have her back!!!!!!!! My SEXY BEAST
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