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should I buy an Armada

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I am seeking some honest advise from current owners of the Nissan Armada. I currently drive a 2004 VW Touareg. While it is a great looking vehicle and a kick in the pants to drive, it has been to the dealer so often for so many problems that VW is offering to replace it with a new 2005 version. That being said I am very soured on the whole Toureg experience. Using a similar forum on the Touareg was very helpful to me in pushingn VW to replace my car. I bought it for it's off-road capabilites and tow rating and in both aspects it performed flawlesly.
In any case when I get my new replacement vehicle I will sell it. The Armada Off Road 4x4 is on the top of my list as a replacement primarily for the tow rating. My question to you is what are the most common problems? Have they been remedied going into 2005? I have read about rattles, brake problems and some transmission issues.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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If you get an '05 Armada, I have read that the majority of rattles/squeaks have been eliminated. As for the brakes, I don't think Nissan has yet to release a permanent fix, but they will continue to temporarily fix the brakes under warranty. I haven't had any drivetrain issues, and have only heard of one or two fluke transmission crap-outs. My biggest gripe is the shoddy materials used in the interior - I have scratches from my console all the way to the floor and wall plastic in the cargo area. But the drive makes up for it in my opinion (although it shouldn't, looking at the price).
i'm happy with mine except for the previous "rattles & shakes". After a trip to the dealer for fix, I'm now completely satisfied. I'm not concern about scratches on inside plastic panel as mentioned by OffRoadinArmada. You will get those scratches on any vehicle if you throw all kind of loads on it.
Really, nikey? Honestly, the only other SUV I've had was a 1989 Blazer, and it didnt really have any plastic in it, so I don't have much to compare to, lol. But if that is common, I guess I can only reccomend the Armada 100% ;-) especially if you have a heavy foot
I was concerned enough about the quality problems with the initial Armadas that I waited for the 2004.5 model. After 4 months and thousands of miles I've experienced none of the problems listed. This could just be luck of the draw, but I'm still glad I waited.

I hate to take due credit away from those of us who have/had problems, but it seems that there aren't really that many troublesome Armadas out there, we just all seem to voice our opinions online more than those who are happier with their beasts.

I own a 2004.5 Armada SE Off-Road, and I love it. This Armada was an upgrade froma 2003 Pathfinder SE. When you speak of driving it off road, I never have driven my Armada off road, but I can tell you it is a completely different "feel" than my Pathfinder. It feels so much bigger and heavier. Don't get me wrong - it's not a bad feeling - it's just much different. The Pathfinder and Toureg are similar in size, so it will take some adjustment. I don't think an Armada is going to inspire you to find a back-hills trail that only 4x4's dare venture into.

Last week I used 4wd for the first time. We got a couple inches of snow, and the Armada charged right through it. I was doing 70 on the freeway, and it felt like we were on rails. Very stable, very powerful, and no fishtailing or sliding at all. I did notice that when I got on some dry pavement, the steering binds quite a bit when the road surface is not slick. This is very common among 4wd vehicles - I've had a '95 Explorer, '99 GMC Jimmy, '01 Pathfinder and an '03 Pathfinder - and they've all had that problem. Some were worse than others (You just about have to floor a Jimmy to get it to turn in 4wd).

As for the other issues, I've had a few small ones. Some have been fixed by my dealer (my fuel door wouldn't stay closed, they replaced it; my rear console mount broke, they gave me a new one). Other problems will be addressed on my 2nd oil change. I do have a couple of shakes and rattles, but nothing major. One of my vents is very loose, and will not stay pointed at me. These are very minor issues - I've not yet had any problems with the drivetrain or brakes.

Oh yeah - that payment is higher than normal, that's something I don't really like. :rolleyes:
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Isn't the new Pathfinder similar in size compared to your VW? I'm an Armada fan and will own one probably by this weekend. But that's because I need all 8 seats (have 5 kids). Otherwise, I'd be looking hard at the new Pathfinder.
The '05 Pathfinders are really nice looking. Personally, I think their interiors are a little better quality. It seems to fit the vehicle better. Parking beside one is funny, it's like being beside the same vehicle, just smaller. I'd reccomend take a look at 'em if size isn't a concern.
We have 40,000 miles on our 04 Armada LE and love it. If you don't want to tow much, you might want to take a look at the 05 Pathfinder that looks like the Armada, but is slightly smaller.
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