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madamadness said:
I have an 04 SE Deep Water Blue Armada, and am thinking of trading up to an 06 LE. Do you think it is worth it for the options / expense? I "think" i can get about $23K for my 04, with 18K miles. Has after market DVD, and Cold Air Induction.

06 LE is running about $42K plus TTL. :eek:

You may be able to get more as I got 20K for my 2004 XE 4X4 Off Road Titan. I had 22,000 miles on it when I traded in October of '05 . Armada costs about 10K more plus you have less miles and it's a higher model line.

If you're not having problems, I would in no way trade. I traded my 2000 Xterra on my Titan and wish I had never done so after all the problems I had with that Titan. The Xterra was a very reliable truck with nearly no problems even after 60K miles.

If you done good with your '04, I wouldn't risk it. If you done bad with your '04, I wouldn't buy the same vehicle again either knowing you may come out the same or worse.

SO, if it's a good vehicle, KEEP IT.

*BTW* 4WD for my truck was roughly an invoice price of $3,000 and Off Package was an invoice price of $1000. So my Off Road 4WD was invoice priced at $4,000. If you have a 2WD, then your price might be pretty accurate. 2WD trucks/SUVs here have very low resale value.

Have a good one.
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