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Snowboard Roof Rack

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Has anyone figured if you can and how to mount a snowboard rack to the existing factory rack? The spread between the front and rear racks is so big that it is tough to do. I found a website that offers a roof rack extension to solve that problem. But, in reading some posts I have been hearing about problems finding mounts to attatch to the factory rack. Has anyone tried to use Vertical Mighty Mounts and a rack extension kit on thier Armada? Here is a website I found with the rack extension and vertical mighty mounts. I want to mount a Yakima Big PowderHound SE.

Any info or thoughts are appreciated. I think I will call them on Monday and see what they have to say about it.

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I have always had issues with the distance between the front and rear cross bars. Fianlly looks like there is a solution to that problem. Check this link out.
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