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So many options for Headers but in 2020 you would suggest? 2008 QX56 175,000 Miles

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Thanks for reviewing and I appreicate your input in advance.

At over 175,000 miles I just got my first cracked manifold a month ago. I have done a lot of readiing on headers in this forum and there is a lot of good information. My 2008 QX56 isn't a daily any longer but its value to me is greater than its sale value so no reason to sell it today and its in -A minus- physical shape overall. It has been a creame puff with very few issues since I purchased it. Most of the related posts are 8-10 years old on this subject so I can only imagine things have changed or some would do some things differently today.

  • Are there any OEM reinforced headers, a new design that will work. I think Magnaflow has some but they are as pricey as the Cajun B-Pipes | Home | Shreveport, LA option I beleive
  • I am in Virginia and we have strict inspections and emissions testing, whatever I do needs to be able to pass inspecton
  • I see the options in search for headers and I don't need to the most epensive option in order to grab 15 hourses.
  • It doesn't seem as if any of the after market options other than JBA or (~$1500) Cajun B-Pipes | Home | Shreveport, LA, but I want to mimize the labor time and expenses assocaited with either and would prefer bolt on solutions. Some welding is an option
  • I have not reason to beleive the CATS are bad on the vehicle today but I am not opposed to replacing them if the B pipes need then included
  • As far as JBA's it is unclear if the option for long headers then welding CATs to the B pipes or using shorties with CATS welded is the best option, either one will require welding which my installer can do but I would prefer not to have to do that
  • My exhause past the B piples is aftermaket, not expensive but on there to pass inspection and installed only last year
  • This setup needs to survice the remaining life of my the vehicle
The lastest post was a few months ago related to this and even then the Cajun B-Pipes | Home | Shreveport, LA are still the suggested option

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My knowledge is stale (did this about a year ago) but I will add my 2 cents. I had a cracked manifold at about 80k (warranty) and then another about 130k-140k (warranty expired).

I did a ton of research and came up with the Cajun/JBA solution as the favorite and life-time fix so I went with that. My preference would have been manifolds which would not crack but I did not get any solid reviews on anything but the Cajun setup.

They have different options for cats (normal, high flow, etc.), but from what I recall the pre-cats are removed as they are part of the manifold. This still leaves you with cats on the b-pipes though.

I did not want to attempt the installation but a poster here found a Nissan mechanic in my area who would do it (only charged $600). Although some bumps, he got it installed (took a full day).

On my Armada I have a JBA cat-back and it sounded incredible with the OEM manifolds (grunt, but not too loud). A muffler shop said the muffler was causing a rattle (I later found out it was not) so I got a FlowPro muffler.

The FlowPro with the OEM manifolds was nirvana for me. It was quiet under regular acceleration and came to life when you gunned it. There was also ZERO drone (I had a UQ resonator installed previously).

Ok, so now onto the headers. I did not know a lot but learned:
  • They will be significantly louder than the manifolds.
  • You will hear air rushing through the pipes while driving.
  • You will smell exhaust strongly outside of the truck, more at startup.
  • They require a tune (which is included in the package price). You do logging on you laptop and they send you tunes via email until they get it final.
  • You will have to purchase Nissan gaskets.

Here are my pros/cons:

  • Cajun support was excellent and very quick to respond before and after the sale.
  • The solution appears permanent (based upon other customers).
  • Quality of the Cajun pipes appear very good.
  • Slight increase in power.
  • Supposed to pass sniff inspection (I am coming due so cannot guarantee though I sure hope so or I'm screwed; if you live in a state where they physically inspect for "CARB" approved components then you may not pass).

  • Much louder than OEM manifolds.
  • Air "whooshing" sound through the pipes from inside the cabin. Sounds tinny and cheap but some people like it.
  • Added drone to my setup.
  • Exhaust smell.
  • JBA pipes had "decent" quality, but slag(?) globs which probably make no difference but would have been a higher quality product if they took time to make it look nicer (this is not the fault of Cajun).

As good as the product is, I honestly wish there was a "fixed" manifold instead. I had no desire to get headers but did not want to have to throw money again and again for cracked manifolds.

I am sensitive to sounds so the drone and air whooshing don't make me happy. But mine is not my daily anymore so I just deal with it.

In summary, as of a year ago Cajun was the only permanent solution. There may be other options but I am not aware. Just keep in mind the added volume before you switch.
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