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Socal Gen 3 Volant CAI Shipped Today!!!

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Wooohoo Gen 3 Volant CAI shipped from Tony's today. Can't wait to put that under the hood! Thanks again to Socal Motorsports for putting together a great deal on what is hopefully an even better product then before!

:goteam: :goteam:
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250.00 on a Gen 3. The Gen 3 just started shipping. This unit has a stamped metal/alluminum? top instead of the plastic top that leaked in the Gen 2. Other then that I haven't seen too many people advertising this version.

Get in touch with Tony at so cal.

That's what I'm hoping for...The Love it side!!! Smelling the Gibson cat back next....Ahhhh yes, the ponies must be able to breathe! :)
Got the Volante today as well as Installed and all I have to say is....OMG!!!! This intake makes the mada have such an aggressive intake growl it's not funny! As a matter of fact, I may even say it's not for the meek. The Fully open throttle sound is Fantastic! the 3/4" throttle resonates through the truck in a way that rocks in my opinion, but does rattle the ear drums a bit. I'm reprogramming the ECU tomorrow and will post some audio clips as well as pics tomorrow! :amazing:
crash4444 said:
How hard was the install? I am putting mine on tomorrow.
Not At all! The instructions were OK, not the greatest, but then again, most everything is pretty self explanatory. The vinyl gasket that goes around the oblong opening is a little tricky to get on, but not impossible. Other then that it's just about time. The Plastic Nissan engine cover has to come off, take a pair of pliers to the two vacuum line clamps and remove them, remove the MAF sensor from the intake tube, loosen the hose clamp from the intake, loosen two bolts from under the air filter itself and everything pulls out! Reverse the directions and it's all in. Took me about 15 minutes or so.

Enjoy! I know I will today!
Here's the install pics, sorry for quality, but I did them with my phone.

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Appreciate the compliment casino! You most definately need one of these!! I would reccomend one to everyone on the boards! I have modified every vehicle I have ever owned, from a 67 ss camaro through our last 2001 Durango slt and this intake, as a single bolt on modification, is the best I have ever used. The quality is rock solid, install was painless, and the result is undoubted! Crash, talk to me more about that Gibson, since I really want to get my hands on either that system or the Borla split rear exit. I have always had a passion for a truck having rear exit dual exhausts. Now I do understand the Borla system is not true dual exhaust, but without having someone custom bend and run a true dual exhaust, it's the next best thing. I have heard great things about the Gibson system, and the fact it has a nice aggresive tone, which My wife and I are interested in, does anyone have sound clips of the Borla?

Oh ya, how do I post audio up here? I have a sound clip of the interior intake note of the Volant at wide open throttle!! :D
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Quite honestly, anytime you allow a motor to breathe better, the motor will work more efficiently. Whether or not we are adding bottom end HP or Torque or whether or not it's at the top of the RPM curve, the fact of the matter the motor will work slightly cooler, and gas mileage on highway should be slightly better. Those things coupled with the fun sounds like a plenty fine reason to do these types of modifications, and if a motor works more efficiently, then towing is less of a stress then before even if it is slight. To say you see no increase in performance with intake and exhaust mods is on the exteme side as well. A combustion motor is a vacuum sweeper, it sucks air through an intake into a combustion chamber, mixes with fuel, detonates and pushes gases through the exhaust, relieving the restriction on either sides of the equation (EG- intake,super charger, turbo, large diameter injectors, headers, high flow cats, and high flow cat back systems) will only increase performance. When I say increase performance, that does not equate to dyno stats, that may just make a throttle more responsive, might mean 2 or 3 miles to the tank more, or if you went with the big mods, a whole lot of HP/Torque. It may also have allot to do with altitude, if a person lived in a higher altitude situation, an intake could make a big difference to the individual by allowing more of the thinner air into the intake.

My 2 cents, I know there are plenty of very knowledgable folks here, so if I am wrong, please feel free to correct me. I just want to make sure someone who wanted to spend 250.00 on an intake realizes both sides of the fence, You will not make 50 horsepower from 0-60 by adding one, you may add up to 3 miles to gallon if you keep you foot out of it, but it alone is not a miracle box. Not to mention the stock intake from Nissan is a very good unit!
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SCR you are correct, the difference is that a few here are stating is where is that gain placed in the curve. According to the dyno results on the AEM for example, the power is applied above 3100 RPM thusly only giving your an advantage when you have your foot in it. This is true though of almost all modifications short of taking away natural aspiration or chipping. Without force induction or chipping, most HP/Torque gains are not realized in normal or "Daily" operating ranges, they are recongnized in the higher RPM range.

Doe anyone know the term "On Cam"? This is a term used for when the motor,tranny,and rear end are at their peak HP production. If that power curve on the Mada is past 3100 rmp, then this conversation has just turned a corner because if we are adding usable HP and torque while in the power curve, then you are adding value. If your HP is being added past the top end of the curve, it may not be utilized as the motor is past it's peak HP generation. I would imagine the folks at AEM,Volant,and Gibson know a thing or two about this stuff, and would like to think that they have maximized their systems to operate in this area, but I actually haven't studied the Dyno results supplied for these Items. :thumbup:
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How do you post audio here? Can't figure it out. I have a good clip of the interior sound of the volant, which I think is tastey! :cool:
Andy you have hit the nail on the head coupled with SCR's last post. My analogy of a vacuum works here as well, if the motor is not sucking and pushing much air, the impact is nominal if not un-noticeable, but when the suction begins to ramp up, the benefits of the mods begin to unfold exponentially.

SCR I believe you made it clear what wwjdwithca was saying, the horsepower is most noticeably added above normal highway RPM's ( 80 mile an hour = around 2800 or so on my truck). A dyno run is pedal to the metal running the rpm's up and then dropping off, normal driving is get to a certain speed and stay there, not necessarily at max rpm.

So can we deduce from this that everyone makes a valid point? The motor is not going to demonstrate a major change in the normal operationg unless you chip, add a super chareger/turbo, or larger diameter injectors and chip. The differences are very noticeable at the higher rpms, like when you are playing off the light and mashing the pedal, or merging into highway traffic!!
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Well i know myself, I'll agree to disagree since my beast doesn't tow, and I like eating an unsuspecting mustang here and there. I agree with wheel Dyno's to a certain point, the spikes are peculiar, but I haven't looked at the results you speak of. Titan rear end is slightly different then ours, even it is slight. The exhaust mod if done as a cat back only will not add much if anything do to the fact that it has very little to do with much, you have to change the headers to get any noticeble numbers for an exhaust mod, increasing flow just helps everything like Metemucil for your exhaust! :D But a cat back does give you the happy growl you speak of.... :teeth:
Mac, check out the thread on Resetting the ECU, unplugging the battery terminals does not reset the ECU.

Good luck
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