So sorry to see my Armada go after so many memories and all the years of commitment it gave me. Unfortunately my family has outgrown the beast and something had to go.

After cleaning out, realized that I had a lot of New or USED OEM parts laying around that I never got to install or took out so these are all up for grabs. Here's the list plus pictures:

OEM Roof Rack supports and cross bars for 04-07 Armada. Had to cannibalize two sets to build one after my wife drove off with a ratchet strap hanging and tore off the roof basket after the strap got wrapped around the half shaft. Part numbers 73807-ZQ00A for the cross bars and the side rails are 152-59687A but I can't be too sure of this cause the OEM labels are worn. Will not part out, buyer takes all. $75

OEM Rear Cargo Floor Mat $10

OEM 04-06 Nissan Armada Center dash Bezel air Vents OEM Ac Heat Vent OEM trim. Coloring is OEM but has darkened due to hot summers. Both vents are functional and adjusts freely. Part number 68751-7S000. Will only sell in pairs. $10

OEM Driver and Passenger Headrest in Charcoal with matching Wet Okole headrest covers. Fits 05-07 Charcoal cloth interiors. Think the part numbers are 202-51470 but I'm not too sure. Headrest were taken out in '08 after I installed headrest monitors and they've been wrapped in bubble-wrap ever since.
Will not part out, buyer takes both. $25

OEM electric heated mirrors. I believe the years are from 04-14. The part numbers are 96302ZC20A and 96301ZC20A. Both have black base and blacked out mirror covers instead of the chrome. Mirrors were changed out circa '08 after I switched to Titan towing mirrors and they've been boxed ever since. Will not part out, buyer takes both. $50

OEM Driver Side Door Seal. Fits 04-15. Part number 80829-7S000. This is brand NEW but I never got to put this in after I misplaced it. $25

OEM Valve Cover Gasket (Rocker Gasket) for both sides. Fits 04-18. Part number 13270-7S000. These are brand NEW as well but I never got around to this project. Will not part out, buyer takes both. $15

OEM Airbox without MAF. Think the part number is 319-67152. If you're returning to stock or have a cracked airbox. This is for the 04-06 I believe. $10

If you're interested, please PM me. Buyer pays all shipping.