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My wife and I purchased a pre-owned Armada Platinum recently, and have found the map info sorely lacking. After a little research, we found a map update on the Nissan Owners Portal, so I ordered it. We just received it, and the instructions call for replacing the old map SD card with the new one that came with the updated maps. The problem is, the instructions say the SD card slot is in the center console, but darned if I can find it. Anyone done this update? I could sure use some info. I'll take it to the dealer if that's the only route, but I'd like to figure it out on my own. TIA.

Well, I finally figured it out. After an hour on the phone with Nissan support, we found the pesky SD card slot. There were four possible locations, only two of which I could find online (inside the center console or beside the DVD dice) The third was on the back of the front row console...nope.
The fourth was to the left of the steering wheel column, in the same block as the headlight adjustment and power door switch. On the right side of that panel was what looked like a cutout for an optional switch, with a blank switch plate installed. It turns out that is a cover that you pry open (easy with a fingernail). The card is labeled behind it. Literally a two minute job. I’ll try to attach a pic. Hope this saves someone else a trip to the dealer. View attachment 47748
Thought I was going blind; couldn't find "the slot" in the dashboard console, center console, backseat... After a number of Google searches, up pops your most fortuitous entry. Thank you!
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