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[SOLVED] repair back handle

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my 2011 Armada back door handle is broken:

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I got a new one ( XtremeAmazing Rear Tailgate Door Handle for Armada 2004-2015 : Automotive ) and I am trying to install it.

This is what I am seeing inside the back compartment:

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it looks like a white filling taped with some black adhesive… shall I remove it?

or can i just unscrew the door lock and the handle would come off?

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gott pry the clips off. there are a bunch of them and you may end up breaking the plastic clip thingys. you can get some from the dealer or online like fleabay or amazon for example.
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the door finisher on the inside is held on by clips. they are difficult to remove. i did it once when i installed the camera housing style handle many years ago.
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