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Just figured maybe you guys would like to see my setup.

Sounds fantastic and the truck does well with it all.

I have a sundown x15v3 powered by a cerwin vega cvpro5k. System is running [email protected]

I ran double zero gauge ofc wiring. 400 amp Fuse. I upgraded the ground cables in the truck Aswell from engine to battery and to the frame.

I installed Hertz Dieci DCX 87.3 3.5 inch speakers in the dash. They fit well and sound fantastic.

I'm still running the oem Bose speakers in all the other spots.

I do not have Bluetooth audio so I use a Bluetooth dongle into the auxiliary jack. I split off the aux jack and ran 3.5mm stereo jack to rca to feed the amp. And I'm using the switched cigarette lighter as a remote for the amplifier.

All in all I think it looks pretty nice and it sounds awesome!

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