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Copernic said:
I decided to conduct a delership test in the South Florida area as far as what their answer will be to the brake problems in my Mada. I have a 2005 Se mada which is beginning to display brake judder behavior. I called 5 dealerships and explained to them my problem. One told me it was the alignment, another one told me that they have never heard that before, the others just offered to make an appointment for me. the point is that no one spoke about a brake upgrade nor recognized that there was a problem with the brakes. That means that I do not know what to tell them to get the brake :boxing: :boxing: upgrade. Any suggestions?
They're all full of it. Go to the dealership and and ask for the rotor change. If they act like they know nothing, ask the person to call Nissan Consumer Affairs while you are there. That should jog their memory.
They may make you go through the 3 rotor turn deal before giving you the REAL fix. Also, call it a defective rotor replacement or counter measure. Calling it an upgrade is way too nice. Unless they really want to put some Brembo's on for you.
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