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JCHerron said:
I have an Armada LE. I have 3 kids and captain's chairs in the second row, which means that I always have one kid in the third row. There isn't even enough room in the back for all of the groceries with the third row up. Is it possible to put the second row bench in place of the third row bench that I have.

Obviously I should have got the bench seat, I just thought the captain's chairs looked so much nicer. That's a decision I am starting to regret.

It may be pricey but I can't see why you couldn't get the second row bench installed after the fact. I bet the transition through the dealership will be close to $2000 since they list the seat frames alone for $220 ea. Probably too soon but you might want to start looking for them through a junkyard. I want a split 3rd row (wouldn't doubt if they put them in the 06'). Some one may even come out with an aftermaket...I've seen them advertise adding 3rd row seats for SUV's like the xterra..

I just re-read your post. No the second row bench won't go in the third row. It's much thicker and more hardware than the third row.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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