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Air bag code b1120 satellite senor is bad

2004-2007 infiniti qx56 and nissan armada Satellite sensor Air bag

Any one with SRS code B1120 locating and finding the problem.
Step one- Remove the 4 bolts that mount your seat down you need to do this so you and tilt the seat up a little to get to everything easier.
Step two- Remover the front plastic that says infiniti the runs down along your seat.
Step three- Remove the seat belt bolt at the bottom of the side pillar the runs between your front door and back door.
Step four- Remove the pillar that cover your seat belt and your back door floor plastic like the front one that says infiniti.
Step five- Lift up the carpet right under your seat belt tensioner you will see it with a yellow plug and two bolts holding it on.
Step six- Remove the plug the out side sides back and pull out then remove the 2 bolts so you can test the unit easier and get the numbers off it.
Step seven- Use a oms meter and touch your black and red probes of your meter together if you set on the right setting it will show between 0.2 and 0.3 mine buzzes too.
Step eight- Now put the prongs in the inside of the satellite air bag sensor one on each of the 2 metal prongs. If you get a reading on your meter around the same as when you touched the two prongs together then your sensor is good 0.02 to 0.3. Mine reades high for a second then goes back down to normal yours might not do this And if you don't get any movement or reading at all then its not your sensor. Time to visit Ebay Or if your bold the dealer you pockets wont be looking very bold when you come out tho. If you sensor is good and you do get a reading its you connector you will need to replace that if its not you connector then you have a big problem find the wires and look for a damaged spot which is almost impossible because the wires go up in you seat then to you center console where you SRS computer is if you computer is bad you should have codes telling you so not just the b1120.
The reson i took the time to right this is because i coudl not ind anything on the internet about this other then mauls the show nothing and tell noithng.No videos not how to posts not ever the location of the sensor so i hope this helps a lot of people out its a cheap fix.

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A little more info.... you're looking below the seatbelt

and the part looks like this when it's upside down (and has this barcode)
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