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Hi Folks,

Having starting issues. 170k on the '04. The battery is fairly new. I checked it with a digital Schumacher charger and it shows 90% and takes like 5 minutes on 15A to get it to 100% so I'm thinking that's not the issue.

When you turn the key I get what I'll call sort of a "tang" or "tung" sound. The best I can describe the sound is like if you partially opened up a can of peaches with the thick tab and then twang the tab with your fingernail under pressure. I know that's odd, but that's kinda what it sounds like. Like a thick spring or something under pressure then released. It'll do this sometimes 5-10 times and then just go ahead and crank like normal. Could this be a relay? Obviously I'm no mechanic here. Where I am currently I don't have anybody to turn the key as I listen around to see where the sound is coming from.

The starter doesn't have any problems once it gets going. No whirrs or any weird sounds, just cranks right up. Sometimes it just starts normally with the first turn of the key, but when it doesn't I have to turn the key several times and then it starts.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

*edit: It's probably a starter solenoid, right?
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