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Still getting brake dust after brake fix

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I thought that after getting the brake fix, that the brake dust issue was to be mitigated

The front rotors were changed out for the new ones, rear rotors turned and new pads and caliper springs installed. It was just done on Thurday, 09/08/05. I wiped them down Friday before going out, figuring it was just leftover from before the fix. But, I just looked at them today, Saturday afternoon, and I'm still getting the brake dust issue. What the?

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All pads have some dust. No such thing as dustless. However, the new ones are supposed to have less. Ceramic are the lowest dusting. You may just be getting more than average as the pads seat. I'd give it a couple hundred miles first. ;)
Thanks, TripleBlack... I'll watch them for awhile.
Ditto Here Too

I just got mine done Friday. Wiped them Saturday morning and after driving less than 30 miles during the day "BAM".........dust!
We got ours done (for the fourth time) a couple of weeks ago. Brake dust is much reduced, more on par with my other car.

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