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Stillen sway bar

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Has anyone put this mod on their Armada? My front end at 43000 miles seems to get squirrley at highway speeds(70-85 mph). Just wondering if htis might help a bit.:confused:
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Probably make it better on the street and worse off road. If that makes sense for your use, do it.
scr38 said:
Hey, Triple, where have you been? Good to see you back.
Here's a link. Basically, I broke 2 teeth and was out of it for a week and a half. My boss gave my crap, and they didn't pay me nearly enough for what I do. So I got focused and got a new job. I start May 8th. Such a relief. The new job will take more of my time, but pays at least a double guaranteed for 12 months, and more likely a triple for as long as I'm there. Great opportunity. That, and the focus on building the house, etc. I've been pretty busy.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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